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Syd’s Sexy in Six Weeks Boot Camp #6 Food Blog

This food blog, in pictures, is the start of a new way of thinking about food. After going through 5 previous boot camps and seeing enormous changes, I was still short of myvision body goal. This go round I am paying close attention to what I eat and the goal is fat loss.  Food has always been a challenge to me. I have had to learn how to cook SiS friendly meals….meals that the family will enjoy. I can honestly say that I am at the turning point in my love life with food. I used to live to eat. Now I eat to live.

I should have started this 9 days ago…..better late than never!


Here is breakfast.  Italia Bella Creme coffee (never deny yourself an excellent cup of joe!! It is worth the money to buy the best ~ it will save you from buying Panera or Starbucks and tastes 3 times better!) Black beans and rice….approx 3/4 – 1 cup and 2 turkey meatballs.  Yes, it looks like left overs, it really is not! Rice and beans are not to go into dinner…..dinner is broccoli and spinach.

I know, I know….you are jealous at how yum this looks! 🙂 I am experimenting with combinations of food and time of day. I am really listening to Sabrina Domenosky, the brainchild and creator of Sexy in Six Weeks. I am trying not to eat carbs at night and trying to keep combinations simple.

This is my pre workout breakfast. Sometimes breakfast is after working out….just depends on the schedule….and my laziness.